Crypto Wallet Development Service

Custom cryptocurrency wallet development is a method of developing customized solutions that ensure that your user’s data is secure and your system remains reliable. This is an excellent way to allow users on your platform to make transactions without leaving your website. Your clients will be able to make and receive payments, check personal account balances, and even employ an escrow service. A Cryptocurrency wallet will store both private as well as public keys and can use blockchain technology to provide your users with the most secure means to conduct monetary transactions and will provide them with secure smart contracts.

BlockchainCoders is leading Crypto Wallet Development Company, We’ve completed more than six cryptocurrency-related projects with the best level of client satisfaction. We’ve finished numerous projects with brand new blockchain development, including a cryptocurrency wallet, a cryptocurrency MLM, and a cryptocurrency wallet software for desktop, iOS, and Android.


Crypto Wallet Development Services


Web, Desktop & Mobile Wallet

Creating crypto wallets that are cross-platform compatible with blockchain platforms, devices, and mobile operating systems.

Data Masking

Using blockchain technology in wallet security applications such as data masking to safeguard user privacy and data.

Cold Wallet Development

Providing effective and secure options for managing and trading your crypto currency and private keys, just like the Trezor and Ledger Nano S cold wallets have.

Biometric Authentication

This allows you to keep your data more secure, the reason being that your data is layered behind different security protocols. Each protocol needs to be completed in order for a transaction, login or any other such function to be completed.

Utility & Other Payments

Creating crypto wallet solutions that offer safer and less expensive utility payment options as well as secure access to digital assets.

P2P Trading & Transaction Support

Enabling peer-to-peer exchange or sharing of information, assets, or data without the use of intermediaries.

Multicurrency Support

Developing multi-currency wallets with exceptional UI/UX that support popular crypto cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, Litecoin, ERC20 tokens, and a variety of altcoins. This is especially useful for people looking to have vast portfolios. Which means everyone who trades and invests needs this.

Multisig Wallet

The development of multisig wallets helps in managing different coins and provides an extra layer of protection for secure transactions.


There are 9 Types of Crypto Wallets


Web Wallet

We provided a Web Wallet to our clients that is secure from hackers, supports multiple cryptocurrencies, is functional on all kinds of devices, with extreme security measures and a self-explanatory user interface.

Mobile Wallet

With the rise in mobile trading, we’ve made sure that our wallets work on both Android and iOS devices. Trending features, as well as top-notch security and a great user experience, are guaranteed.

Tron Wallet

For managing TRX, TRON’s native currency, we provide customised wallets for both tiny startups and established businesses on TRON.

DeFi Wallet

With a decentralised wallet that offers institutional-grade security and ease of use, users have complete control over their private keys and assets.

Hardware Wallet

They’re more secure than a web wallet and easier to use than paper wallets. They are more adept at using a fork than others.

Desktop Wallet

It is a very successful cryptocurrency cold storage method. It’s safer than using a mobile or web wallet.

Multi-Currency Wallet

Our dependable Multi-currency wallet development solution, which supports a large variety of crypto coins and tokens, allows our users to safely store various crypto assets in one location.

Single Cryptocurrency Wallet

This kind of wallet only allows users to trade a singular coin, buy, sell and hold for example a bitcoin specific wallet. Our services include Ethereum, Bitcoin and other such single currency wallet development to ensure that your business activities run smoothly and without hiccups.

Centralised Wallet

This is the type of wallet where a third party ensures the transactions and security of its clients. Which means that the blockchain isn’t used for this purpose and the blockchains job is done by the third party service providers. The whitelisting of wallet addresses will ensure that only legitimate transactions are carried out on the network.


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Our team of developers is well-equipped in delivering quality products in record time. Moreover, our policy has always been providing complete transparency to our clients on all matters. The team is well rehearsed and experienced in the blockchain market, so they can provide you with useful advice and product that appeals to that demographic. Furthermore, the most important factor is that skill and experience carries its weight in gold and we have plenty of that.