The market is always evolving and looking for new ways to make a good profit. These days the most profitable venture is that of Cryptocurrency, from simple buying & selling, to owning your very own Cryptocurrency, your own crypto exchange, your own blockchain and even your very own Crypto wallet. There are many ways to make a living and many ways to make a fortune from Cryptocurrency.

But, whether you make a living or a fortune, depends on how deep you are willing to swim, to invest and in what will you invest. Since Cryptocurrency is a vast field, it is much more than what meets the eye. So when you do know what you want to invest in here are the companies that can make your ideas come to life.

List of top Cryptocurrency Development Companies:


#1 – BlockchainCoders

#2 – LeewayHertz

#3 – Applicature

#4 – Zynesis

#5 – Rangarson

#6 – Venture Aviators

#7 – Itransition

#8 – Sofocle

#9 – Minddeft

#10 – Techracers



BlockchainCoders is a US based firm that compromises of a team of highly experienced developers who have been shaping ideas into sustainable and scalable solutions. The best thing about BlockchainCoders is the fact that they are solving real world problems for their existing customers. The company maybe relatively new in the industry, but their work is highly professional. You will experience professionalism, flexibility and a problem solving attitude from the company.


The company offers people with a complete platform for developing enterprise-grade blockchain applications. Experienced in designing several blockchain applications for global supply chains, blockchain-based identity solutions, and blockchain-based utility bill generation. LeewayHertz has worked with Hyperledger, Ethereum, R3Corda, and Hashgraph, among other distributed ledger technologies. Hedera Hashgraph ambassadors are also part of the team. LeewayHertz has built over 100 enterprise-grade digital platforms that are utilised by millions of people around the world over the course of ten years.


Isn’t it true that you want to move quickly and capitalise on the momentum? Applicature provides end-to-end DeFi and blockchain development services, including token/wallet/staking/yield farming platform development and any other type of DeFi DApp or smart contract creation. The bizdev team will guide you through the business model assessment process to guarantee that your product’s full potential is fulfilled. The marketing team will then handle the necessary go-to-market plan, including the appropriate channels and messages, in order to attract customers and investors. Applicature assists potential projects with introductions because it is affiliated with and followed by a large number of investors and venture capitalists.


The Zynesis is a Singapore based company that offers attractive development services to meet the needs of any organisation. In fact, the firm allows apps and systems to make decisions based on the development design. The company started of as a small startup company, that began providing high quality development at affordable rates. It has a brilliant design team, that will help you stand-out.


Ragnarson has been developing online apps for over ten years with a team of developers, designers, and DevOps. They assist entrepreneurs in developing MVPs in order to attract their initial consumers and investors. Ragnarson is hired by established companies to improve development pace and quality. They design and operate dependable infrastructure. You can get everything crypto from their team, it can be tokens, blockchain for transactions and more.

Venture Aviator:

For integrating financial applications, Venture Aviator is one of the award-winning blockchain development firms. It is appropriate for delivering first-class design and selecting different outcomes for blockchain support. Its current business model exists on successful artificial intelligence integration. The company is creating a platform for potential customers to access blockchain start-ups.


The Itransition is a leading blockchain development company that provides decentralised financial solutions to people all around the world. They provide blockchain consultancy and technology that may be utilised to generate interest in business campaigns indefinitely. The team produces fantastic results and emphasises the importance of everyone’s development.


Today, the Sofocle empowers good technology for discovering innovation and exploiting blockchain development technologies. In addition, the blockchain development firm constructs a variety of industries, including finance, insurance, healthcare, and others. It assists you in determining which use cases are appropriate for blockchain applications. Typically, the team develops in accordance with the blockchain developers.


The Minddeft Company is putting up efforts to develop applications in business processes by connecting with Blockchain applications. It improves Blockchain apps that provide adequate value for enterprise portal solutions right away. The team is particularly interested in the efficiency of Blockchain applications that are utilised for a variety of reasons. They have successfully completed various blockchain projects for clients.


Tech racers quickly deliver comprehensive and proven blockchain solutions to organisations, maximising the clients’ return on investment. They have their headquarters in Lehi, Utah, which is also known as Silicon Slopes. Tech racers was started in 2012 by a group of engineers who set out on a journey believing that clients are individuals with tremendous ideas and goals, not simply numbers. Due to significant development and expansion, Tech Racers relocated its headquarters to the United States in 2017.